Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for customers questions

Where can I buy spares for my beans peeler?

You can contact us at Suite 337 HPF Eastline Shopping Complex, Lekki on 08188833776 for any required spares.

Does LACHI Beans Peeler have a guarantee?

Yes, our Beans Peeler has 1 year guarantee.

How do I clean the peeler machine?

Always switch off and unplug before cleaning. Wash the processing bowl, rough blade, barrier rings, special filter, and bowl lid by hand or use a soft brush then wipe or allow to dry. Never use a wire brush, steel wool or bleach to clean the components.

How much beans can I peel with my machine?

The recommendation is to peel two cups of the measuring cup provided. This is because beans will normally double in size when soaked. It is better to soak in a kitchen bowl before transferring into the processing bowl. Also for best peeling and separation of the hulls (skin of beans) two cups is ideal.

How many colours of the beans peeler are in market?

Grey and Orange colours are currently in the market.

I cook for a large group, where can I buy a bigger version of the peeler?

A bigger version of the peeler is not available at the moment. LACHI team is currently working on making a larger capacity version that will be more suited for processing larger quantities of beans. For now users needing to peel larger quantity of beans can use the current model multiple times to achieve desired result.

Can I become a distributor of this revolutionary beans peeler?

Yes. Great rewards await those that partner with us to reach the whole world with this revolutionary bean peeler unique to LACHI and suited for use in any kitchen. Go to our website at to complete the Distributor’s registration form.


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